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Circuits and modules for GCSE Electronic Products
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This site has lots of system module designs for you.  Each one has been carefully tested and worked perfectly for me.  All you need do is to insert it in your design and hey presto!

Each module comes with a PCB layout that is also tested and works.  You can use it as is - or you can use it as the basis of your own design.  PCB modules can be downloaded as gifs or as PCB Design & Make files (X-ray view).  PCB Design & Make is available from TechSoft UK.

Most modules also come with a circuit diagram from Crocodile Technology.  Component part numbers come mainly from Rapid Electronics.  The PICAXE microcontroller is available from Revolution Education.

Using ProDesktop?  Also on this site are ProDesktop files for lots of electronic components.  Add these components to your production drawing to enhance your paperwork.

All designs and pages are copyrightę Christopher Leigh 2003.

What are you waiting for?  Do that A* project now!

Exams over, Project over, Holidays coming!!! But before then a lot of project pages and some new circuit examples. Real soon now!

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